To possess a fast streaming website, you must have a plain and well crafted code. In the Website Control Panel, you can find a collection of tools that may help you improve your site’s performance without the need to touch anything within the back–end code. The Web Accelerator Applications – Memcached, Varnish and Node.js will not just enable you to deliver better streaming speeds to your site visitors and thus lower bounce volumes, but may also push your site higher in the search engine results.

To implement the Web Accelerator Applications, only sign into your Website Control Panel and create an instance for the acceleration tool you like the most.


RAM–memorizing as opposed to data base requests

The Memcached tool is wonderful for raising web site loading speeds by caching the database info that is asked for from your customers. It is a potent distributed memory caching platform, which allows for info and objects to be stored within the RAM in place of getting loaded each time a customer opens a website.

This system is perfect for your database–loaded web sites or web apps in which your clients devote plenty of time browsing as well as reading content. Memcached can be found in the advanced resources section of the Website Control Panel.

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RAM–memorizing instead of HTTP queries

If you’ve got content–loaded dynamic websites with lot’s of images as well as online videos, you’ll most certainly need to be sure that your web pages work really fast for the site visitors. An excellent tool you should use is the Varnish HTTP accelerator that can help you increase the speed of your websites without requiring that you have any specific computing expertise.

Varnish stores all calls to the web server inside the server’s RAM and provides the pages fast to the customer by preventing completely new requests towards the server. By doing this, the pages on your website are going to be streamed 300 – 1000x times more quickly for your website visitors. Also, you can pick whether the incoming calls will be managed by Varnish, or by the hosting server, and so forth.

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Designed for constructing fast and additionally flexible web applications

Web programmers can implement Node.js for making all sorts of top–notch and also economical applications including enterprise stats, real time web apps and content management systems, to name a few. It is truly super fast and flexible and is powered by an enthusiastic community that keeps progressing and supporting it.

Node.js is founded on the Google V8 JavaScript engine and additionally employs an event–driven, non–blocking I/O model that renders its API versatile and extensible. This kind of progressive solution allows for web developers to speedily develop high performance web applications by using only 1 language.

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